Diabetes Recovery Programme

Duration: 3 Months/ 6 Months/ 12 Months


Program Includes(Monthly Services)

  • Medical consultations, unlimited online and telephonic follow-up system, diabetes questionnaire and recovery scaling.
  • DM related Diagnostics and Basic check up includes BMI, Body Fat Mass, Inch Measurement, Neuropathy Testing, BP, Pulse, and Random BSL.
  • Monthly Special Diet consultations including breakfast, lunch and dinner special diabetic recovery recipes. Stress relaxation and emotional freedom techniques sessions.
  • Yoga and exercise advice.
  • Diet recipes with recovery booklet
  • Health videos and motivational seminars from world experts.
  • Mind, body and soul training.
  • Conscious diet training.
  • Lymphatic exercise and breathing techniques and many more things.
  • Total inclusion of more than 100 diabetes tips to get rid of your diabetes and off from diabetic medication.
  • Detox therapies, advanced diagnostic blood tests at special 20% discount if suggested by doctor.
  • 5 to 10% discount on available Herbal Medical products.
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Pricing Plans

  • Actual Amount: 12000/- INR
  • Discounted Amount: 9999/- INR
  • Installments – NA
  • Actual Amount: 24000/- INR
  • Discounted Amount: 19999/- INR
  • Installments – Two
  • Actual Amount: 48000/- INR
  • Discounted Amount: 24999/- INR
  • Installments – Two

Targets to be achieved at the end of program

Health ParametersExpected ResultsHealth SysmptomsExpected Recovery
WeightSignificant Weight ReductionWeight gainWeight Reduction
Blood PressureBelow 130/90 mmhgBreathlessnessNormal Breathing
BMILess than 28SwellingReduced
BSL Fasting/PP<100mg/dl/
Frequent UrinationNormal Urination
Fasting Plasma Insulin3.3 to 5.5 .mic/molIrritability/DistressedEustress
HsCRPNormalAnginal PainRelieved
Beta Cell FunctionNormalExcessive AppetiteNormal Appetite
Insulin SensitivityAdequateExcessive ThirstNormal Thirst
IGTNormalHair Fall/Dry SkinHealthy Hair & Skin
Peripheral NeuropathyRelivedNumbnessNormal Sensation
PHAlkalineAcidityNormal Digestion
Nutrition (B12/D/Calcium/HB) LowNormalWeakness/Body AcheVigor/Strength